Sunday, October 01, 2006

I went to The Beat Goes On today. It's the used cd store in the Ridley square, and the only music store within 5 miles. I was really hoping itd be able to live up to Grooves, the London indie music nirvana. I was pretty disappointed to find that they didn't have any of the cds i was looking for. Well, they did actually have one, but i bought it, so now they have none.
I bought Sufjan Stevens "Illinoise". I already have his latest "The Avalanche". It was a pretty dumb move on my part to buy "The Avalanche" before "Illinoise" but I did. "The Avalanche" is all the outtakes and songs that didn't make the cut from "Illinoise", so it really doesn't make sense to have the one without the other. Regardless, now i have both.
I remember when I discovered Sufjan. I was skimming a list of the greatest jazz cds of all time. I saw his name and remember coming across it before, so I found some of his music and got really into it. Looking back it doesn't make a lot of sense that he was on a jazz cd list and now i really wonder which album that could have been.
I went into The Beat Goes On really hoping I'd find either, or both, of two cds i've been really wanting for a while. The first is Regina Spektors "Soviet Kitsch". For pete's sake, I'm going to see her next weekend. But I love most of the tracks on this album and have been panning for it for a while now. But the only Spektor I can find anywhere, if i can find one period, is "Begin To Hope" which I'm sure is great, but I don't like to get an artists latest album without buying an album or two from earlier. But naturally, no go at The Beat Goes On. The second album i was looking for is Husker Du's "Zen Arcade". Husker Du was a big time indie band in the 80's, pretty much as big as you can get for independant music in the 80's which was almost completely of the radar. This album is a critics favourite though and I really want it. I've heard if you're going to buy 3 indie albums from the 80's they should be Sonic Youth's "Daydream Nation", which i have, Husker Du's "Zen Arcade" and The Minutemen's "Ten Nickels On The Dime". I haven't heard anything from the latter but maybe i'll look into it soon.
The only other cd stores in St. Catharines is chain stores like HMV and such. I've asked this Husker Du in a chain store before actually and I got only blank faces.
Oh well. So I Beat On.


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