Wednesday, October 04, 2006

2 more days of school...
I am so incredibly ready to get the hell out of here.
I like Ridley, but it's really draining. I was home less than 2 weeks ago and I still miss it unconditionally. Plus, I'm going to Montreal this weekend with Miss Arielle Goldschlager and I couldn't be more excited.
So here comes Beck with another album release. I kind of thought he had his thing with Odelay and Guero and that was it. I assumed he would be living on royalty checks from every time "Where It's At" and "Girl" played in a movie or car commercial, but he's still pushing them out. This latest one is called The Information. I haven't bought it yet but I hear its a real keeper. I don't know if it's disloyal to have so little hope in the guy, but I am really genuinely surprised he's back (was he ever gone?).
Another album I've been panning for is M. Ward's Post-War. At first glance, it struck a Niel Young chord with me; another artist who is protesting war on his album is all we need (i guess?). It can make for passionate and good music, but it also can get whiny and unoriginal in my opinion. But I've heard a couple of songs on this one and I've found neither.
I'm also really excited to come home this weekend so I can pick up these too. Like I've said, St. Kitts is no good for buying cds. Grooves, here I come!
Arielle and my Montreal agenda goes a'somethin like this:
-Hop a train to the monty on Saturday morning. Catch up with Arielle
-Arrive in Montreal. Throw down our bags in Air's aunt's apartment and go back out the door to a jazz bar to see an act.
-Party all night long.
-Get up
-Have an Eggo
-Shop shop shop
-Dinner and The Regina Spektor Concert
-Party Hard-y
-Get back on a train and head back to St. Kittskis.

I'm freaking ecstatic.


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