Friday, January 26, 2007

I know I posted that article I wrote for my school newspaper before, but i redid it with some better bands. Enjoy!

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Band Spotlight: The Best Bands You’ve Never Heard Of.

So you want to listen to indie rock and roll? You want to rythmlessly sway back and forth at concerts, chatting it up with people you’ve never met before about how the band you’re watching was better on their first album, and their latest stuff is a little over-produced? Well, I can’t help you. It takes years to build up a collection and vast foundation of useless band trivia to become a true indie rocker. But these bands are the best in the genre and listening to them will at least get you a head nod from experts (if not a long-winded explanation of how the lead singers side project is better than the band itself).
The Smiths:
I thought I’d start with the basics; the Smiths are kind of old news but are an important cornerstone in the genre. They were a very successful indie band from the 1980’s British invasion and were internationally recognized for their electric live performances and beautiful studio albums. They were fronted by the acclaimed lyricist Morrissey, warmly nicknamed the Pope of Mope for his melancholic and dark lyrics, and one of the most influential frontmen in indie rock. Although they aren’t together anymore, Morrissey has taken on a successful solo career and his still recording critically acclaimed albums.
You’ll like them if you’re into: Coldplay, Belle & Sebastian, Any band with strong accents
Recommended Album: The Queen Is Dead
Recommended Tracks: Bigmouth Strikes Again, Vicar in a Tutu

M. Ward:
Ah, indie pop. My all-time favourite oxymoron. And why not when a man like M. Ward writes such beautiful indie pop music. The refreshing simplicity of his music and unforgettable lyrics will give your ears a welcome vacation from over produced drone, whether you’re into that or not. Don’t like to hear politics in your music? Neither do I. I associate politics with complications and frills, which Post-War is not. The name is misleading, but the album is incredible, no strings attached bliss. Not only does he deliver on this album, but his live show is also not something you should miss. Do your ears a favour and pick this one up today.
You’ll like him if you’re into: Bob Dylan, the acoustic guitar
Recommended Album: Post-War
Recommended Tracks: Chinese Translation, To Go Home

Fujiya & Miyagi:
As a general rule, I usually steer clear of bands which have names I can’t pronounce as I figure if their name is, the music must also be over my head. But as we saw with Post-War, things aren’t always what they seem. This band is neither Japanese, nor a duo as their name would lead you to believe. They are actually a trio from the UK who share interests in early-90’s electronica and alter egos (Fujiya is Steve Lewis, & is David Best, and Miyagi is Matt Hainsby). Yes, they are technically an electronica band, but don’t be intimidated by the genre title. If there is one band who will get you into electronica, it will be Fujiya & Miyagi (or Hot Chip in my case). Fujiya & Miyagi have just released their latest album, Transparent Things last month and you can bet it’ll be a vital 2007 collection piece. So take a chance, pick it up, and delve into the wonder that is electronica music.
You’ll like them if you’re into: Heavy bass lines
Recommended Album: Transparent Things
Recommended Tracks: Collarbone, Ankle Injuries


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