Monday, April 30, 2007

Good News For People Who Love Bad News: Modest Mouse @ Hummingbird Centre

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Bad news is my hard drive crashed and all my music is gone, which is why I haven't posted in a millenium. Good news is I saw Modest Mouse last Tuesday, on my birthday, in Toronto at the Hummingbird Centre.
Opening was Love As Laughter, a mellow prog-rock band who reminds me of Black Mountain/Stephen Mcbean. They were decent, but again, I would have really loved to see Man Man open.
When Modest Mouse came onstage, my first appearance after seeing the stage setup was that clearly they didn't want to put either Marr or Brock center stage, as they were both on either sides of the stage. They opened with 'Paper Thin Walls', followed by 'Ocean Breathes Salty' and 'Dashboard'. The energy was high, so were the group of kids a couple rows ahead of us blowing smoke signals to the securty, who surprisingly overlooked it. Fortunately, there was no self-mutilation.
Sorry that's kind of a half-assed review, but it was almost a week ago and I have been pretty stressed out over this computer deal.
This weekend, pretty stupidly, I missed Basia Bulat in London, but I did ring in my new year with a group of friends so it was still a worthwhile weekend. Come back to London soon, Basia!


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