Tuesday, June 26, 2007

People won't leave you the fuck alone.
They bother you at work, pushing contracts into your face when you're trying to weave through rush hour traffic. You've had a rough day to begin with; you just sat through a 3 hour meeting with your lawyer and ex-wife concerning the restraining order for her stalker. Shifts done, you go home hungry, but can only find baked goods in your cupboards; not a rice cake in sight. You try to relax to Bach's No. 2 Concerto, but are interrupted constantly by pleading calls from Ron Jeremy. You wear a card around your neck that reads "COUNTRY", but the teenager who makes minimum wage working at the grocery store calls you "freaky" anyways.

MP3: Buck 65 - Centaur (Acoustic Version)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You said you were a tinker toy collector? How do you find them? Are the ones on Ebay for real??


2:17 PM  

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