Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Montreal was incredible! It really couldn't have gotten any better.
We arrived on the train at around 8oclock on Saturday night, and from there we went straight to this really nice jazz bar.
There was this jazz trio and an amazing singer named Dawn Taylor Watson. She sang some jazz favourites and jammed with this colourful trio. It really was a great act.
The next day we got an early start at the day and headed down to St. Laurant to shop. There was this thrift store called preloved that Arielle had wanted to go to so we walked what seemed like miles to get there, but I have to say it was worth it. They buy all these vintage clothing and cut them up for fabric. Then they follow a pattern to make sweaters, dresses and purses among other things with all this great vintage fabric. (Air spent a whopping $250 there alone)
We then metroed down to St. Catherines, the commercial shopping centre of Montreal. It's a fun strip but is overwhelming. I prefer St. Laurant because it has much more boutiques and less brand name chains.
I racked up a bill of $150 in total, not including food, transportation and concert tickets.
I bought a jacket, a scarf, a hot chip tshirt, a book and 3 cds. (add that to the 2 cds i bought in london on friday and the one that arielle burnt for me i have 6 new ones)
They are:
Beck - The Information
Regina Spektor - Begin To Hope
Brazillian Girls - Talk To La Bomb
AC Newman - The Slow Wonder
Junior Boys - So This Is Goodbye
TV On The Radio - Return To Cookie Mountain

All of which are critically aclaimed and the latest release by each artist.
After shopping, we met my step sister Carolina and her boyfriend Dave for dinner. We went to this great place that looked like someones living room. It was somewhat of a tea house but had mexican food. It was a really nice place. Arielles aunt then picked us up and took us to the Regina Spektor show.
The show was sold out and she was incredible. She's a real character witha gorgeous voice. Her music is indescribable but here is video for 'Fidelity' off her latest album 'Begin To Hope'.

After the show Arielles half brother picked us up. We were planning on going to a free Constantines show on St. Laurant but when we got there they wouldn't let us in because the bar was way over capacity. We went down the street for coffee, came back in an hour, but it was still packed so we just called it a night.
The next day we got on a train to head home. Pretty uneventful except for the fact that i lost my train ticket and had to buy a new one (that's something that i would do) so i'm $80 in the hole. We also so a naked man standing on the side of the train tickets when we were approaching Toronto. But that was about it...
Overall, fab weekend.


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