Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentines Day!

Tired of reading about the Arcade Fire? So am I. So here's a list of my favourite Valentine's Day songs instead. Refreshing, i'nit?

1. Arab Strap - Cherubs
I can't post MP3's because I haven't figured out how yet, so let me paint you a picture. The surly lead singer of Arab Strap mumbles 'I see cherubs' repeatedly while a mellow acoustic guitar plays over a dub drone. No, it's not your typical Valentine's Day love song, but the title and subject matter inevitably categorizes it. Deal with it.

2. Belle & Sebastian - I Love My Car
A charming love tale of a man and his car. Yeah, alright, not quite Valentine's Day material but it's a damn catchy song.

3. Bjork - Like Someone In Love
Bjorks crooning voice over a delicate harp would seem like a clash of sounds, but add in lovestruck lyrics and you've got the perfect Valentine's Day dream sequence soundtrack for you and your significant other.

4. The Cardigans Lovefool
We've all heard it, and we've all danced around to it (most likely while wearing a cardigan for good measure) pleading along with lead singer Nina Persson for love. Don't deny it, we're all lovefools too.

5. Damien Rice - The Blower's Daughter
Like him or not, this song yanks pretty hard on your heart strings. Who is that mysterious girl standing on the beach who Damien can't take his eyes off of? Heaven only knows, but we all hope she feels the same way.

6. Elvis Costello - Alison
He ain't gettin' sentimental (like those other sticky valentines) and he don't know if she's lovin' any of them, but damn it, his aim is true, and that's good enough for me.

7. Feist - Now At Last
On top of a hill, with fresh wind and robins, and Leslie Feist. That'd make anybodies Valentine's Day.

8. Heart - Crazy On You
No, it's not because their name is Heart, or because the chorus repeats 'Crazy On You' over and over, it's the face melting acoustic guitar solo at the beginning that makes this a Valentine's Day song. If that doesn't get you in the mood, I don't know what will.

9. Jill Barber - Oh, Heart
Lord, her voice is beautiful! And her mellow, romantic lyrics are ideal date music. If you haven't checked out Jill Barber yet (because you haven't heard of her, because few have), please do.

10. M.I.A. - U.R.A.Q.T.
Need a date this Valentine's Day? Make a mixtape with the queen of abbreviations hip-shaker U.R.A.Q.T. for your crush. Not only will your admiree surely get the message, but they'll also get a song they can get down to.

11. The Mountain Goats - Woke Up New
Although their latest album is called 'Get Lonely', this is still an ideal Valentine's Day pick. Can't you hear the jangly guitar and pleading "What'll I do without you?" over a montage of lovers sitting in a field or something? Yeah, I think in film..

12. PJ Harvey - This Is Love
Is your Valentine's Day leather clad and nose studded like PJ Harvey's? "This is love, This is love that I'm feelin'" Yeah, I feel it too, PJ.

13. Shad K - Out Of Love
The name is misleading as you may think that this is more of an anti-Valentine's Day song, but when Shad confesses that he's tired of the pretentious girls and he "wants a Claire Huxtible" instead, your feeling the same way. Hey, if I had a Claire Huxtible I'd tell her shyly that I wouldn't go anywhere without her beside me too. NOTE: if you haven't heard of Shadrach Kabango yet (which wouldn't surprise me because he's a Londoner), then please pick up his CD 'When This Is Over'. It beats every single G-Unit album out there (and i'm including the Snoop Dogg remixes, y'all).

14. The Shins - New Slang
Here's my best dating advie; take a girl out to a café, play her 'New Slang' and tell her that The Shins will change her life. She'll be yours forever.

15. Squarepusher - Hello Meow
Oh, so I'm the only one who gets turned on by rapid techno beats?

16. The Stills - Still In Love Song
If you saw the Stills pump out this song live in a small, sweaty venue you'd still be in love too.

17. Yeah Yeah Yeah's - Modern Romance
Hearing Karen O softly sing "There is no modern romance" is somehow incredibly romantic. Go figure!

..And tomorrow, after i'm feeling nice and bitter because Valentine's Day is over, I'll post some of my favourite anti-Valentine's Day songs. Stay tuned!


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