Friday, February 02, 2007

Jeff Scheven stikes again!

My man's the dapper young feller far right, with the black gloves

Have you seen/heard about the new TV On The Radio video for "Province"? Because it's all over the blogs. Well, the drummer of my favourite band, and the object of my personal crush, directed it! That's right, Jeff Scheven has been around the block directing videos, but TVOTR is big time stuff. Them blipsters are from Detroit or something, yet they found a Torontonian. You can watch the video over at Stereogum or check out Jeff's website here

Last night I went to see The Golden Dogs at Call the Office

They put on an excellent show! The first song in I could tell they write great indie pop music, and that there's no way their CD sounds as good as their live show. Buuuut I bought it anyway. Opening for them were the Yoko Casionos, who were poppy but, as Arielle and I discussed in full while waiting for the Golden Dogs to set up, very 90's teen soundtrack-y. If I were to get their CD, I probably wouldn't be able to get past that and not really enjoy the music. The crowd was very promising though, which Arielle and I couldn't help but delve into a bit. Overall a great fuckin' night! And my first show in a long while..


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