Wednesday, March 21, 2007

What's all this about, then?

Well this is sort of weird..

Birmingham ska purveyors The Beat...join the ever-swelling ranks of bands reunited by announcing their first U.K. tour in over 20 years (via SPIN). That's great news for fans of the Two Tone pioneers, who parted ways in '83 (with members going on to form General Public and Fine Young Cannibals)...via Stereogum

Now if this is all true, then how did I score the incredible (and apparently impossible) chance to see the English Beat back in October of 2005 at Call The Office? Well I didn't do my research because it didn't really irk me then; hell, I was seeing the English Beat! But did they go one tour back then, break up, and now they're getting back together. I don't really think so. But that bad was definitley the English Beat, well at least it had Dave Wakeling in it, that's certain. Maybe it was Dave Wakeling and one of his many other ska projects singing English Beat (kinda like Axl Rose called himself and 4 strangers Guns N Roses).
Ah, well. So we beat on.


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