Saturday, March 17, 2007

Of Montreal @ La Tulipe

Sorry I haven't posted in 10 days but i've been in Montreal and couldn't get internet anywhere, which makes it all the more exciting to finally get back home.
Opening for OM were two MC's who called themselves the Grand Buffet. Although it wasn't a particularly musical set, the group was hilarious while interacting with the audience and in their lyrics (talking about such things as chlorophyll supplements, ghost managers and citrus fear). Finally, to a less than enthusiastic audience, OM blasted onto the stage opening with "Suffer For Fashion". The band was all clad in typical OM fashion, meaning lots of feathers, fishnets and glittery makeup with a couple of costume changes to keep things moving. Kevin Barnes didn't seem to me to be that much of a very electric performer like I would have suspected. He danced around and shook his money maker and whatnot but he didn't really seem to be into it. There also wasn't any audience interaction, which I also definitley expected. Although the costumes and theatrical tone of the music did make it a worthwhile show and colourful spectacle, the performance lacked electricity.

There also wasn't any full frontal which discouraged me a bit.

MP3: Of Montreal - "Suffer For Fashion"

Unfortunatley last night I missed the Great Lake Swimmers and Basia Bulat in Montreal, but I think they're coming to Centienall Hall sometime this week so hopefully I can catch them there. Also the Most Serene Republic was at the Salt Lounge last night but I missed them. Hopefully I can salvage myself at the Dawn Tyler Watson show at the London Music Club tomorrow night.
Oh and Jill Barber is coming to the London Music Club next Sunday and I can't go because I have to go back to school!


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