Saturday, March 03, 2007

Yoko Dunnit (and takes the blame)

Yoko Ono, after years of being at the top of Beatles' fan's hit lists, has finally owned up to having a lot to do with the Beatles split.

In a way, both John and I ruined our careers by getting together, though we weren't aware of it at the time. My initial reaction to rock music was, "Oh dear, how simple can you get?" At first I thought John would carry on with The Beatles and I would do my own things, but he felt it wasn't right that we were working separately, that the union we had might not last, because of the pressure of the world.

It's all bollocks that your career was ruined, Yoko, but you're not John freakin' Lennon.
On the other hand, this single called "Toy Boat" from her latest collabo-proj Yes, I'm A Witch is pretty rad. You can get it via Music Slut.

In other news, Amp Camp and Pitchfork end a long and successful friendship resulting in cheaper prices over at Amp Camp and no more shitty album obligatory sales. I say it's a good thing, and i'm siding with Amp Camp. You can the full story from Amp Camp reviewer and all around righteous dude Walter Pillman

...our days of giving Pitchfork a cut of your sales are gone. Watch for the best prices on the net to go even lower. Watch for Califone vinyl re-pressings. Watch for us to have hard-to-find imports long before Insound.


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