Sunday, February 25, 2007

Sunday Mixtape

This morning when I got up (after watching High Fidelity last night and getting in the mood for it) I put together a compilation of songs that I've been feeling lately. So may I introduce the first of the mixtapes that will be soon be a regular feature here. If you too have the songs, listen to them in sequence. I can't put all the tunes up for download because some are a bit older, so i'm not going to put up any for good measure. Enjoy!

1. Snowden - Anti-Anti
A good starter because it drives into the song without blowing out the whole compilation too early, and the song starts right away, none of that introductory baloney.

2. The Golden Dogs - Nineteen Hundred Eighty-Five
The piano riff at the beginning will blow your mind and stick with you all day long, but it's too long to start off with, so it makes a perfect second song to heighten the stakes a bit.

3. Dr. Dog - My Old Ways
So after we blow your mind, we're going to bring it down a bit with something a bit more mellow and foot stompin', like Dr. Dog's "My Old Ways", with a piano line that just skips along to the Beatles' like singing.

4. The Harlem Shakes - Carpetbaggers
This one is a real finger snapping, bop along down the sidewalk with headphones in your ears kind of song that meshes well with Dr. Dog before it, and what's to follow. I wouldn't put it anywhere else than in the middle because it ties the mix together pretty well.

5. Swan Lake - The Freedom
This song starts slow, but gains momentum into a driving song so it also wouldn't work anywhere else but in the middle. Plus, it's a damn good song, and the lead singer of Swan Lake sounds just like Dan Bejar on it.

6. David Vandervelde - Jacket
This is a great song, but works as more of a transition song on this mix because it has enough jangle to prepare us for the next track but the same zippy voice as the Dan Bejar sound-alike one before.

7. The Geraldine Fibbers - California Tuffy
This one is the real kicker. It is a pretty old song and not very well recorded, while all the others are new and well recorded so to make this song fit between all the others isn't easy. But with David Vandervelde's voice still sticking in your head, it prepares you so the Geraldine Fibbers can drop kick it right out again and blow your mind while doing so.

8. Cold War Kids - We Used To Vacation
I didn't believe the hype about the Cold War Kids for a long while because their name led me to believe that they'd be the same old young, kitschy band trying to hit home with heavy subject matter but when I finally listened to "We Used To Vacation", they sound like real professionals and the heavy subject matter works. I think it all hinges on their lead singer though. If he didn't have such a mature, professional sounding voice, this song would be all wrong. Anyways, it works into the mix because it is a heavy song and starts to bring you back down to earth after all those party songs.

9. Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Maps
I am not a big YYY's fan, but I've always had a thing for this song and with the opening tremor of that high note, you could literally put it anywhere in a mix and it would work. That being true, I feel it works best at the end to contrast the CWK and whats to follow.

10. Bishop Allen - Corazon
You know those songs you hear and you just know, before looking at the album, that it's the song finishes the list. The "last listen" sound is a very distinct sound, and you only know it when you hear it. Well, Bishop Allen's "Corazon" couldn't be a better topper and goes out on a light, remember it until next week kind of tone.



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