Friday, February 16, 2007

Yo! Pitchfork Crap

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Pitchfork Media posted the Decemberists brand new video for O, Valencia! (you can download it over there, but I don't know if you'll want to). The video sets up a sort of gangster, mob scene kind of deal with lead singer Colin Meloy as the hero, and guitarist Chris Funk as the double agent. Mr. Meloy needs to flee the country with his lady friend to escape the wrath of her father, "The Boss", and seeks the help of Mr. Funk for passports and identification. He tells Colin to go to the Valencia motel to pick up everything he needs. Colin and his lady friend go to the Valencia hotel, pursued by a bunch of hitmen. I won't give away the ending, but it is a rather graphic video for such an upbeat song. In fact, the video in no way whatsoever fits with the song. The director also directed the Decemberists award winning video for "16 Military Wives", and uses the same kind of captioning to help us through the story but instead of it being a whimsical addition, the captions also seem out of place. Overall, I'm really unimpressed. They should have stuck with the green screen challenge


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