Saturday, February 17, 2007

It took me a real long time to figure out something so simple, but I finally figured out how to post MP3's! Well not any random MP3's from my library but only one's that are already uploaded to the internet. Nevermind, all you need to know is that I won't have to navigate you away from this page to get all those nifty songs I talk about all the time.
To stream the songs I post (listen to them on the internet) just click on the link. To download the song, (on mac) hold on the option key and click and hold on the link. You may have to hold up to ten seconds or so, I just always hold it for a real long time, and when you let go it'll start to download. If not, go back and try again until it does (or unless you have a more efficient way, let me know). On PC's, just right click on the link and say 'Save File As...' or something along those lines.
And in celebration, I have a rare Modest Mouse track courtesy of I Guess I'm Floating. Enjoy! and expect more to come.

MP3: Modest Mouse - Nothing New


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