Sunday, March 04, 2007

Dan Bejar and I are kindred souls (and I didn't even know it until I bought a Swan Lake album)

It's true, ya'll, we're meant to be together and i'll tell you why.
His music alone threatens my virginity.
Before yesterday I had only heard two Swan Lake songs: "All Fires" and "The Freedom".
When I first heard "All Fires" I thought it was Modest Mouse. But that's completely irrelevant.
What's relevant is that when I heard "The Freedom" I thought "Man this bands lead singer sounds just like Dan Bejar!". Isn't it so embarrassing when people do that? Tell me about it!
In case you're wondering, Dan Bejar is in Swan Lake, and Destroyer, and the New Pornographers (I now have all three of their albums. Yee haw!)

I also bought Peter & The Wolf's The Lightness which once I heard "Safe Travels" I had to own.

MP3: Swan Lake - "The Freedom"
MP3: Peter & The Wolf - "Safe Travels"



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