Sunday, March 04, 2007

The Reminder continues to leak

Feist's 2007 release The Reminder continues to leak out into the web. Here are two more tracks:

"The Limit To Your Love" - via Counting Stars On The Ceiling
"I Feel It All" - via Faronheit

What can I say about them? They're both quite catchy, just like the other leak "My Moon, My Man" so I think we should all start to oberve that pattern here. "I Feel It All" is on the jangly side for Feist and I feel like it doesn't really show how great her voice is, but it is still a great song. Fortunately, "The Limit To Your Love" does include Feist's signature quirky swings and squeaks. Overall, I gotta say I'm pretty pschyed for this new album.



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