Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Still love Peter Bjorn and John like I do? You'll hate this guy.

Some guy hiding behind some blog persona is calling upon indie rock fans to stop Peter, Bjorn and John from becoming this years newest "buzz band" and planned on rallying them at last weeks SXSW (I'm a little late with this one but bear with me). He called upon bloggers to write about his cause, so I'm just following orders...

This is probably the stupidest shit I've ever heard. This proves the point of every one who classifies indie rock lovers as "snobs" or that the moment one of our bands gets popular, we discard them, calling them 'yesterday's news'. Just because PB&J are becoming popular does not mean the entire indie population must band together to shun them and leave them to white bread, mainstream kids. Frankly, they still rock whether they're top of the pops or not.
Also, one of his points is that mainstream corporations with regard PB&J as this years SXSW breakout band and welcome them as this years "buzz band" (his term, not mine), making them 2007's indie rock poster band. His argument is that PB&J are not significant enough to represent the indie rock community. All I'm hearing, though, is that maybe the mainstream will think that's all indie rock has got these days and maybe it'll go out of style again. Who cares what everyone thinks about us?! If they wanted to listen to indie, they would. And as for the whole "PB&J aren't significant enough" shit, if you care so much if the corporations think our bands aren't "significant", then listen to theirs. If we can still embrace Modest Mouse and the Arcade Fire as successful and talented indie bands, then we'll accept PB&J in the future, whether they become an indie poster band or not.

Want to leave an angry comment too? Here's his blog.


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