Monday, October 23, 2006

Next weekend in London ON... the LOLA fest. I think this is the first year they're doing it. It's a music fest right on Dundas street at Richmond. Some bands that'll be playing are Tokyo Police Club, Jon Rae and the River, and this band i forget the name of, BUT this guy at Grooves told me that it is pretty much a Canadian superstar band with one of the guys from Arcade Fire, Feist and a couple of others. So now im psyched to say the least...
Also coming up this weekend is the annual Rocky Horror Picture Show viewing at midnight at Rainbow Cinemas. I went last year with Arielle, but there wasn't a huge turn out. It was however, a lot of fun. This year I'm going to drag Arielle along again and some of the south girls. I'm not going trick or treating this Halloween so i might as well continue one of my halloween traditions.
I finally bought the new M. Ward cd yesterday. When I brought it up to the counter, the friendly Grooves clerk flipped; he said he couldn't stop listening to it. I've just flipped through it once, but it sounds great. Lately I can't stop listening to the song 'Go Go Gadget Gospel' by Gnarls Barkley. It pumps the hell outta me. Go download it, you pirates!


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this just in..I can't go

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