Friday, March 23, 2007

Dr. Dog preaches...

Scott McMicken from Dr. Dog talked to JamBase:

"With the Beatles, I honestly think they are underrated" says co-founder, guitarist and singer Scott McMicken. "They've been established as great so firmly that people don't think about them enough. I'm nowhere near done being mystified by how incredible their songwriting was. I think any songwriter interested in the craft ought to be just flipping their lid about the Beatles every minute of every day."

Clearly Dr. Dog takes this proclaimation to heart because the one song I've heard off the new Dr. Dog album, We All Belong (released Febuary) is the spitting audio of many songs in the Beatles early career. Perfect example:

MP3: Dr. Dog - "My Old Ways"

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By the way, check out the awesome artwork for Bjork's upcoming album, Volta

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