Friday, October 27, 2006

I had a major revelation last night.
I was talking to my good friend Kaes about how he picked up and moved to Banff for 6 months. He was talking about how he got to snowboard all day and party all night. After his 6 month contract is finished at the hotel he's working at, he'll come back home and finish highschool.
Why can't I do that?
Oh right..because my parents would tear my throat out. Wouldn't it be lovely though. My dream would go a little different, though. I'd get a part time job in some really suave base city, like Montreal or Toronto. I'd work when i need to and the rest of the time I'd travel in my van with a couple of friends and go see bands play all over the country. I'd just pick up and take off whenever I wished. There'd be no pressure to go to school or get a real job. I'd just have fun. I couldn't do that my whole life or anything, but for a year or so that'd be so dope.
This definitley makes me sound like I have no morals or goals. Going to Ridley College doesn't make me the ideal candidate to pursue a life like that. But why can't I just take a year off after highschool and drive around in my van? I wouldn't be dependant on any one; the point is that I'd actually be independant.
I have a feeling my parents would object (with their fists) if I ever told them my plan, but i don't really see why. I would still go to university, I'd just take a breather for a year. I wouldn't be moving forward, but i wouldn't move backwards either. I'd just relax.
Which brings me another problem. I work all summer long at a full time job and a part time job. This past summer I found myself wondering what I have to look forward to? What long term relaxing time will I ever get if I do what my parents want me to do, which is go to university right after highschool. I work all school year at school, and I work all summer at my job. What do I have to look forward to other than change?
That's why this year off idea is perfect for me. Plus if I'm going to get a career as a music journalist (which is what i think I want to aspire to be) or something along those lines, it would be great 'field work' if i travelled around for a year and saw bands play. That's practically job experience.


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