Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Plans change for the better and the worse...

Jurassic 5

This past saturday, as I was in peterborough freezing my ass off in the cold rain for a field hockey tournament, Arielle called me and told me she's getting Bob Dylan tickets and we're going. I'm ecstatic! My dad was already going but hadn't invited me (thanks a lot dad!) and i really wanted to see him live. I hear that everyone should see Dylan live at least once in their lifetime. On Sunday, however, we learned that Air's aunt, who was going to score us the tickets, gave them away to someone else. What is it with family that they think to eager 16 year old girls DON'T want to go to Bob Dylan. Of course we wanted to go! Oh well..

But I also learned that Jurassic 5 was coming to London and playing at Cowboys (a truly haneous country-themed bar). but J-5 was J-5. I'm getting a posse to come down to see them. It's on my November break too so that'll be a nice little vacation-thing..

I'm obsessed with A.C. Newman's 'A Slow Wonder'. If you like the New Pornographers, then you'll love A.C.'s solo (he's the lead singer, and a fabulous songwriter). It's really upbeat and perfect for summer (or those of us in summer withdrawal). The man writes beautiful indie pop music.


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