Sunday, November 05, 2006

How (i heard) the Bob Dylan concert went..

..because i didn't go! I had the chance, but i lost it. The Foo fighters opened though and I heard they were great, but a little amateur (who isn't when you put them before a legend who's been performing for 40+ years). They played a full acoustic set but apparently it really rocked the house. I know a couple of people who bought the ticket just for the foo fighters then left before dylan. Bob himself didn't really impress a lot of people. Apparently he played very little of his classics and mostly off his new cd 'Modern Times'. Everyone I've asked who went to see the concert haven't even listened to the album yet, so that may have explained why they were so disappointed; they were probably all expecting classic dylan. But apparently he did do a couple old ones in a new way, which I have to respect. I hear he doesn't like to play his old stuff so pretty much he's doing it just for a crowd pleaser.
This has sparked a little realization in me. Big time arists like The Who, Elton John and Bob Dylan wouldn't have come to London a couple of years ago. I can explain their appearance in a couple ways: a) we now have the JLC, a really big, really popular venue for big acts b) pirating and c) lack of would-be massive CD sales.
Big time artists who should be living off their enourmous and ongoing record sales aren't anymore because of pirating. OR they haven't sold their music to iTunes yet and so people just don't bother buying their music. No one buys cds anymore. So all these big time acts are forced to go on tour to keep a steady, and sky high income. There just isn't a demand for CD's anymore. Have you noticed that CD stores like HMV have become dominantly a DVD store. The CD section is usually pushed into the back in a significantly smaller section then the dominating DVD's.
So poor Bob, Elton, Roger, Pete, Keith and John have to go on tour. Which is great, for us. We all hear about these classic and legendary performers and their knockout shows and naturally will pay $85 a pop to see them. But these guys are getting pretty up there. Dylan is 65 for pete's sake. I wouldn't want to be on the road at 65.
I'm really speaking for the artists at this point which I shouldn't be. Maybe they want to continue touring, but how long can this continue? Without the liability of record sales they have to tour late into their years.

Today I finally found Regina Spektor's 'Soviet Kitsch'

I've been looking for this silly album for ages! Ever since I heard the quirky song 'Poor Little Rich Boy', I had to have it. Grooves never carried it, and if there's one thing you can learn about Grooves it's that you shouldn't order a CD from there because it'll take a millenium for them to get it in. So I just waited it out, always looking for it when I went in, but never expecting to see it. Well, it payed off, because today they actually had it in. Arielle and I let out a loud gasp that shook the whole store. I'm ecstatic. I've already listened to it once and it's brilliant! I also bought Squarepusher's 'Hello Everything' which I didn't realize was a completely instrumental album, but rocks pretty hard nonetheless.


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