Wednesday, December 06, 2006

When in rome...

Have you heard about the super rare Velvet Underground Chelsea street sale find? Of course you have! Who the hell hasn't?
One lucky sonovabitch, Warren Something, was rummaging through a street sale in Chelsea, New York when he found a weathered VU record and bought it for 75 cents. It appeared to be an old copy of the Velvet Underground and Nico's legendary album produced by Andy Warhol, but when he got around to playing it the record started with "European Son", not the same song as what the original album started with. So he did his research and found out it was the original recording of the album, BEFORE Andy Warhol got his hands on it and started pushing it to recording labels. This record is arguably the rarest piece of pop art material of all time. The auction started on ebay at 20K and now has gone up to $133,000! That's quite a profit...

I've added some links to the sidebar of some other real horrorshow blogs (where i get some of my delicious information). Please take a look!

After reading blogger large hearted boy's list of favourite albums from 2006, and the long list of other blogs and website that have listed their favourites, I've decided to compile my own list. Stay tuned for that...

In the mood for a blast from the past by any chance? And why not go one better and watch a one hit wonder from the vaults? I adore this video by Cake (who by no means deserve to be one hit wonders). It had some minor play on MTV and muchmusic and the like but its possibly only because of this adorable video. I love the street vendor grumbling about 'some super girl that feminists would approve of'. Enjoy!


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