Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Toronto is getting some pretty good acts..

like Sean Lennon! He's coming to Toronto on the 13th. The Toasters is on the 9th, LCD Soundsystem is on the 23rd. Joel Plaskett Emergency, Cat Power and the Philosopher Kings. It's going to be a good holiday.
I really wanted to go see Sean Lennon, but the show is 19+ and you need something ridiculous like 10 pieces of government id and your fingerprints to get in. It would have been a hell of a show. His newest album, Friendly Fire is supposed to be exactly what everyone would expect; just like his father's music. His first album was nothing like this. Completely his own, which i can really respect. But Friendly Fire sounds just like Papa John's music. His voice sounds just like his fathers, as you can tell in this preview to Friendly Fire..

It looks like I'm going to see LCD Soundsystem though. At least I'll catch one good show over the holidays..


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