Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Gui Borrato, Dean & Britta and Tokyo Police Club

Skatterbrain and Pitchfork like the Brazillian techno producer Gui Boratto and his new album Chromophobia. You should too.

MP3: Gui Boratto - "Beautiful Life"

Tokyo Police Club has released two brand new singles for download called "New Song" and "Graves". You can score them at Daytrotter.

It was 2 years ago today that Luna played their last show at the Bowery Ballroom in NYC. Chromewaves mourns but has hope for Luna-born, up-and-comers Dean & Britta and their fantastic new CD, Back Numbers.

MP3: Luna - "Only Woman Bleed"
MP3: Dean & Britta - "Singer Sing"

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

New Videos from Modest Mouse and Tokyo Police Club

BUT you won't be able to watch them unless you live in USA because MTV is whack.
Video: Tokyo Police Club - "Cheer It On" (at MTV's Overdrive)
Video: Modest Mouse - "Dashboard" (at MTV's Overdrive)
MP3: Modest Mouse - "Dashboard"
MP3: Tokyo Police Club - "Citizens of Tomorrow (Space Ballad)

Anyone remember that song "Chacaroon"? (It may help to try to remember any resort you've been to in Central America where they usually play it perpetually). Well Stereogum has added it to their regular feature Yo! MTV Crap. I'm a little insulted. Personally I think the video, in all of its laser and tracksuit glory is pretty dope. You decide.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Scott Walker, I love thee!

I am so so SO obsessed with this Scott Walker song I was compelled to dedicate an entire post to it and it's wonder. (Notice I've become more impulsive with my posts lately and if I'm excited about something, even if it's small, uninteresting or irrelevant, I still post it? We're all victims of our impulses anyway though right?). I heard it first in the Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou and it's been in my head since then.

MP3: Scott Walker - "30 Century Man"
Sunday Mixtape

This morning when I got up (after watching High Fidelity last night and getting in the mood for it) I put together a compilation of songs that I've been feeling lately. So may I introduce the first of the mixtapes that will be soon be a regular feature here. If you too have the songs, listen to them in sequence. I can't put all the tunes up for download because some are a bit older, so i'm not going to put up any for good measure. Enjoy!

1. Snowden - Anti-Anti
A good starter because it drives into the song without blowing out the whole compilation too early, and the song starts right away, none of that introductory baloney.

2. The Golden Dogs - Nineteen Hundred Eighty-Five
The piano riff at the beginning will blow your mind and stick with you all day long, but it's too long to start off with, so it makes a perfect second song to heighten the stakes a bit.

3. Dr. Dog - My Old Ways
So after we blow your mind, we're going to bring it down a bit with something a bit more mellow and foot stompin', like Dr. Dog's "My Old Ways", with a piano line that just skips along to the Beatles' like singing.

4. The Harlem Shakes - Carpetbaggers
This one is a real finger snapping, bop along down the sidewalk with headphones in your ears kind of song that meshes well with Dr. Dog before it, and what's to follow. I wouldn't put it anywhere else than in the middle because it ties the mix together pretty well.

5. Swan Lake - The Freedom
This song starts slow, but gains momentum into a driving song so it also wouldn't work anywhere else but in the middle. Plus, it's a damn good song, and the lead singer of Swan Lake sounds just like Dan Bejar on it.

6. David Vandervelde - Jacket
This is a great song, but works as more of a transition song on this mix because it has enough jangle to prepare us for the next track but the same zippy voice as the Dan Bejar sound-alike one before.

7. The Geraldine Fibbers - California Tuffy
This one is the real kicker. It is a pretty old song and not very well recorded, while all the others are new and well recorded so to make this song fit between all the others isn't easy. But with David Vandervelde's voice still sticking in your head, it prepares you so the Geraldine Fibbers can drop kick it right out again and blow your mind while doing so.

8. Cold War Kids - We Used To Vacation
I didn't believe the hype about the Cold War Kids for a long while because their name led me to believe that they'd be the same old young, kitschy band trying to hit home with heavy subject matter but when I finally listened to "We Used To Vacation", they sound like real professionals and the heavy subject matter works. I think it all hinges on their lead singer though. If he didn't have such a mature, professional sounding voice, this song would be all wrong. Anyways, it works into the mix because it is a heavy song and starts to bring you back down to earth after all those party songs.

9. Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Maps
I am not a big YYY's fan, but I've always had a thing for this song and with the opening tremor of that high note, you could literally put it anywhere in a mix and it would work. That being true, I feel it works best at the end to contrast the CWK and whats to follow.

10. Bishop Allen - Corazon
You know those songs you hear and you just know, before looking at the album, that it's the song finishes the list. The "last listen" sound is a very distinct sound, and you only know it when you hear it. Well, Bishop Allen's "Corazon" couldn't be a better topper and goes out on a light, remember it until next week kind of tone.


Saturday, February 24, 2007

Dean & Britta

Meet Dean & Britta, former members of Luna and now doing their own thing as a duo. If you're into Luna and the jangle, you'll probably want to check them out. Dean & Britta talked to the Village Voice about their post-Luna career:

"We could have kept making Luna records, but the world doesn't need 15 of those," Dean says. "We're a little closer to this record, but really, you don't know who's going to get exposed to it. There's a lot of luck and timing involved."

Picture a pair of smiling faces, strumming their guitars and softly singing on top of a mountain. That's what I see when I listen to this song.

MP3: Dean & Britta: Words You Used To Say
Kevin Barnes explains the nudity

..and it was all for world peace!

Barnes said, "I always wanted to perform's kind of my concept, to bring world peace to the Earth if everyone had to stand naked in front of their peers once a month. I think it's good because it forces you to sort of come to terms with any sort of body issues that you might have and it sort of like cleanses your emotional palette.

"A lot of people get this anxiety that's like 'I was naked in front of an audience!' and stuff, but I think it's kind of cool for people to be able to face that without going to jail. That's the thing, too, I had to pick Vegas because that's the only 21+ venue we're playing on this whole tour, and I didn't want to become a sex offender, because that would be pretty dreadful."

MP3: Kevin Barnes Interview

Sorry I didn't post all day yesterday. There was just NOTHING going on! I couldn't think of a single thing to post about. So to make up for it, I've made the "On Repeat" songs in the sidebar MP3's (well some of them). Enjoy 'em!

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Kevin Barnes does the no pants dance

Lead singer of Of Montreal Kevin Barnes stripped down to his birthday suit at a Las Vegas show last night and proceeded to sing about half a dozen songs in the nude. An audience member also said that gay and straight porn was playing on a television monitor at the back of the stage.
Frankly, I don't quite know what to expect when I see them in 2 weeks in Montreal.
If you're up for it, you can see the uncensored photos at Pitchfork, but be warned, it's not work/classroom/family living room friendly.
I guess he stripped because he was 'suffering in his fashion'.

MP3: Of Montreal - "Suffer For Fashion"

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

New You Say Party! We Say Die!

Controller Controller tour buddies You Say Party! We Say Die! are set to put out their latest Lose All Time March 20th on Paper Bag Records (home of my favourite death disco-ians, Tokyo Police Club, and the Fembots). Check out the new singles, y'all!

MP3: You Say Party! We Say Die! - "Monster"
MP3: You Say Party! We Say die! - "Oppurtunity"
Everybody Needs To Know It's The Year Of The Panda Bear

Like I've said before, Panda Bear is going to be big this year. Get on top of things with these singles (can you tell I'm loving the new-found MP3 blog status?).

MP3: Panda Bear - "Comfy In Nautica"
MP3: Panda Bear - "Bros (edit)"
MP3: Panda Bear - "Young Prayer"

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Happy Fat Tuesday!

To celebrate, I've rounded up a bunch of dank MP3's, all of which I've been listening to since I got 'em. Enjoy!

MP3: Love Is All - "Spinning and Scratching"
MP3: Peel - "In The City"
MP3: !!! - "Yadnus"
MP3: Chin Up Chin Up - "This Harness Can't Ride Anything"
MP3: Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin - "Oregon Girl"
MP3: Ramona Cordova - "Take Flight"
MP3: The Bird And The Bee - "I'm A Broken Heart"

And if you're in George, Washington on May 26-27 you can go check out the Sasqautch Music Fest which released its lineup today:
Saturday, May 26th:
The Arcade Fire
Manu Chao Radio Bemba Sound System
Citizen Cope
Neko Case
The Hold Steady
Grizzly Bear
Ghostland Observatory
Two Gallants
The Slip
Loney, Dear
The Thermals
Viva Voce
The Blow
Gabriel Teodros

Sunday, May 27th:
Beastie Boys
Michael Franti & Spearhead
Bad Brains
Dandy Warhols
The Black Angels
Tokyo Police Club
Money Mark
St. Vincent
Jesse Sykes & The Sweet Hereafter
Common Market
Helio Sequence
Minus The Bear

...all this and a promise for more shows to be announced later.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Return of the Kings

We're getting in some great new stuff from our favourite oldies. Check out the new album covers and singles from:

Blonde Redhead

MP3: Blonde Redhead - "23"

Dinosaur Jr.

MP3: Dinosaur Jr. - "Almost Ready"

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Na na na na naaaaa na

I'm going to see Aerosmith this summer in Sarnia! Isn't that so Dazed and Confused?
The irony of it is I will be pretty dazed and confused. bahahah PARTY!

Saturday, February 17, 2007

It took me a real long time to figure out something so simple, but I finally figured out how to post MP3's! Well not any random MP3's from my library but only one's that are already uploaded to the internet. Nevermind, all you need to know is that I won't have to navigate you away from this page to get all those nifty songs I talk about all the time.
To stream the songs I post (listen to them on the internet) just click on the link. To download the song, (on mac) hold on the option key and click and hold on the link. You may have to hold up to ten seconds or so, I just always hold it for a real long time, and when you let go it'll start to download. If not, go back and try again until it does (or unless you have a more efficient way, let me know). On PC's, just right click on the link and say 'Save File As...' or something along those lines.
And in celebration, I have a rare Modest Mouse track courtesy of I Guess I'm Floating. Enjoy! and expect more to come.

MP3: Modest Mouse - Nothing New

Friday, February 16, 2007

Yo! Pitchfork Crap

Free Image Hosting at

Pitchfork Media posted the Decemberists brand new video for O, Valencia! (you can download it over there, but I don't know if you'll want to). The video sets up a sort of gangster, mob scene kind of deal with lead singer Colin Meloy as the hero, and guitarist Chris Funk as the double agent. Mr. Meloy needs to flee the country with his lady friend to escape the wrath of her father, "The Boss", and seeks the help of Mr. Funk for passports and identification. He tells Colin to go to the Valencia motel to pick up everything he needs. Colin and his lady friend go to the Valencia hotel, pursued by a bunch of hitmen. I won't give away the ending, but it is a rather graphic video for such an upbeat song. In fact, the video in no way whatsoever fits with the song. The director also directed the Decemberists award winning video for "16 Military Wives", and uses the same kind of captioning to help us through the story but instead of it being a whimsical addition, the captions also seem out of place. Overall, I'm really unimpressed. They should have stuck with the green screen challenge
Loving Leslie Feist? Of course you are. Everyone does. Well then you'd already know that her new album, The Reminder is due out in May. And you also probably know that you can score the first single, 'My Moon, My Man' over at Gorilla vs. Bear. Oh good, so now that we're all caught up...

Free Image Hosting at

Also, The Acorns just signed to Paper Bag Records, same label as Controller.Controller, Tokyo Police Club and You Say Party! We Say Die! You can get a couple of their tunes over at Chromewaves.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Valentine's Day is over and I already posted my List of Favourite Anti-Valentine's Day songs (like 2 hours ago) but Stereogum posted some damn cute indie valentine's. Here's my favourite:
Free Image Hosting at
Love stinks, so let's listen to some tunes

So yesterday, I posted my Valentine's Day List of Favourite Valentine's Songs when I was in the mood for all things lovely. But today I'm feeling like my regular, cynical self and, to celebrate, I want to post all of my favourite anti-Valentine's Day songs. Remove all of yesterday's valentine's from your line of sight and we'll begin:

1. The Dears - 22: The Death Of All Romance
I first discovered this song when I saw the video for it on Muchmusic's The Wedge. Needless to say, I was depressed for the rest of the week. But I gotta say, the Dears pull off melancholy lyrics and depressing crooning well.

2. Dinah Washington (Verve remix) - Is You Is Or Is You Ain't My Baby
This isn't in any way a depressing song, in fact it's quite lively. But Dinah tells off her flakey boyfriend in such a way that suggests that she's had it with love. You'll feel the same way, while you're shaking your rump to the music.

3. Tom Waits - Alice
Mr. Waits is lovestruck by a certain Alice, who seems to have broken his heart. His low caroling rumble, and the wailing sax melt into your skin and make you, aswell, 'fall through the ice of Alice'. One of the saddest songs I've ever heard.

4. Elliot Smith - Cupid's Trick
Elliot Smith admits to having been on all kinds of drugs when he wrote this song, and doesn't remember what he was thinking but with lyrics like "Cupid's trick comes/Down to shake and deal/The stupid kick that makes me real", the message isn't that mysterious.

5. Feist - Lonely Lonely
Although it has painstakingly beautiful lyrics ("Paper, paper obsolete/how will you reach out to me?"), and a hopeful tone, the song is called 'Lonely Lonely'. Oh, Missus Feist, why you gotta sing so blue?

6. The Fugees - Killing Me Softly
I know this song is a cover, and Wyclef's out of place "Yo's" do take away from the downcast tone, but I don't have the original so this'll have to do. But props to whoever did write it because the lyrics are beautiful, and absolutely suicidal. And that Lauryn Hill! Lady sing the blues so well.

7. Gogol Bordello - Bordello Kind Of Guy
This isn't exactly anti-Valentine's Day material because it says nothing to do with love, or lack thereof. But listen to it, and you'll see how it is pretty much the opposite to everything Valentine's Day. St. Patricks Day? Maybe.

8. Reel Big Fish - Kiss Me Deadly
Bad ska covers make bad love sounds.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentines Day!

Tired of reading about the Arcade Fire? So am I. So here's a list of my favourite Valentine's Day songs instead. Refreshing, i'nit?

1. Arab Strap - Cherubs
I can't post MP3's because I haven't figured out how yet, so let me paint you a picture. The surly lead singer of Arab Strap mumbles 'I see cherubs' repeatedly while a mellow acoustic guitar plays over a dub drone. No, it's not your typical Valentine's Day love song, but the title and subject matter inevitably categorizes it. Deal with it.

2. Belle & Sebastian - I Love My Car
A charming love tale of a man and his car. Yeah, alright, not quite Valentine's Day material but it's a damn catchy song.

3. Bjork - Like Someone In Love
Bjorks crooning voice over a delicate harp would seem like a clash of sounds, but add in lovestruck lyrics and you've got the perfect Valentine's Day dream sequence soundtrack for you and your significant other.

4. The Cardigans Lovefool
We've all heard it, and we've all danced around to it (most likely while wearing a cardigan for good measure) pleading along with lead singer Nina Persson for love. Don't deny it, we're all lovefools too.

5. Damien Rice - The Blower's Daughter
Like him or not, this song yanks pretty hard on your heart strings. Who is that mysterious girl standing on the beach who Damien can't take his eyes off of? Heaven only knows, but we all hope she feels the same way.

6. Elvis Costello - Alison
He ain't gettin' sentimental (like those other sticky valentines) and he don't know if she's lovin' any of them, but damn it, his aim is true, and that's good enough for me.

7. Feist - Now At Last
On top of a hill, with fresh wind and robins, and Leslie Feist. That'd make anybodies Valentine's Day.

8. Heart - Crazy On You
No, it's not because their name is Heart, or because the chorus repeats 'Crazy On You' over and over, it's the face melting acoustic guitar solo at the beginning that makes this a Valentine's Day song. If that doesn't get you in the mood, I don't know what will.

9. Jill Barber - Oh, Heart
Lord, her voice is beautiful! And her mellow, romantic lyrics are ideal date music. If you haven't checked out Jill Barber yet (because you haven't heard of her, because few have), please do.

10. M.I.A. - U.R.A.Q.T.
Need a date this Valentine's Day? Make a mixtape with the queen of abbreviations hip-shaker U.R.A.Q.T. for your crush. Not only will your admiree surely get the message, but they'll also get a song they can get down to.

11. The Mountain Goats - Woke Up New
Although their latest album is called 'Get Lonely', this is still an ideal Valentine's Day pick. Can't you hear the jangly guitar and pleading "What'll I do without you?" over a montage of lovers sitting in a field or something? Yeah, I think in film..

12. PJ Harvey - This Is Love
Is your Valentine's Day leather clad and nose studded like PJ Harvey's? "This is love, This is love that I'm feelin'" Yeah, I feel it too, PJ.

13. Shad K - Out Of Love
The name is misleading as you may think that this is more of an anti-Valentine's Day song, but when Shad confesses that he's tired of the pretentious girls and he "wants a Claire Huxtible" instead, your feeling the same way. Hey, if I had a Claire Huxtible I'd tell her shyly that I wouldn't go anywhere without her beside me too. NOTE: if you haven't heard of Shadrach Kabango yet (which wouldn't surprise me because he's a Londoner), then please pick up his CD 'When This Is Over'. It beats every single G-Unit album out there (and i'm including the Snoop Dogg remixes, y'all).

14. The Shins - New Slang
Here's my best dating advie; take a girl out to a café, play her 'New Slang' and tell her that The Shins will change her life. She'll be yours forever.

15. Squarepusher - Hello Meow
Oh, so I'm the only one who gets turned on by rapid techno beats?

16. The Stills - Still In Love Song
If you saw the Stills pump out this song live in a small, sweaty venue you'd still be in love too.

17. Yeah Yeah Yeah's - Modern Romance
Hearing Karen O softly sing "There is no modern romance" is somehow incredibly romantic. Go figure!

..And tomorrow, after i'm feeling nice and bitter because Valentine's Day is over, I'll post some of my favourite anti-Valentine's Day songs. Stay tuned!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Let me tell you about my obsession with Elvis Costello

I feel it's time to share with y'all why I am so crazy about Mr. Macmanus after all. Well truth is, it's kind of a family affair. My father got me into him when I was a kid (I was named after the Elvis Costello song 'Veronica' which is my real first name). We used to sing it all the time drving me to and from Weldon Park Acadamy (another story for another day). He gave me my first Costello CD, Spike and introduced me to all the songs on it. We also went to see Elvis together in Montreal this past summer. 2006's My Flame Burns Blue was my favourite album of the year and his latest release with Allen Toussaint has a couple of gems that I won't forget either. I know this is pretty out of the blue, but I thought it was about time I paid homage to the greatest man in music.
If you're feeling predictable and the new NP album

Chromewaves is feeling Said The Gramaphone and their showcase of new music. So should you.
And I know that the New Pornographers have been a popular topic on here lately, but why the hell not. They've been talking to Chart about their new album. A.C. Newman:
"We're looking to be all done by the end of April-ish for a release later this year."

I'm pumped.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Sorry for the inconvenience folks, but I think I got my facts straight now

Well when I posted the link for Dinosaur Jr.'s single over at Pitchfork, I didn't quite research because if I had gone on over to Chromewaves earlier, I would see that they already posted that the new album is called Beyond and is due out May 1st. They also have another single over there for you called 'Been There All The Time'. Here's the tracklist:
Almost Ready
Pick Me Up
Back To Your Heart
This Is All I Came To Do
Been There All The Time
It's Me
We're Not Alone
I Got Lost
Lightning Bulb
What If I Knew
A weekend in London and I'm $80 in the hole

I cannot hold onto a couple of bucks. Especially when I go to Grooves in downtown London and see all the CD's I've been deprived of lately. This week, they're Of Montreal's Hissing Fauna, Are You The Destroyer? (which is completely valid because I'm seeing them in March), Pavement's Wowee Zowee (which I got second hand for $20 and is absolutley incredible! Had I known I would have bought it ages ago for full price), Yo La Tengo's I Am Not Afraid Of You And I Will Beat Your Ass and Destroyer's Destroyer's Rubies (I saw New Pornographers last weekend sans Dan Bejar so I wanted to check out what he was doing with this time when he could've been rocking out with me and the NP's in the bitter cold).

Oh, when I said that Dinosaur Jr. would be coming out with a new album this year, I didn't expect it so soon, but I was surprised to see a new single called 'Almost Ready' up on Pitchfork. You can get it over there.

Also, if you voted for the Plug Awards, here are their list of winners:

Album of the Year: Band of Horses - Everything All The Time
New Artist of the Year: Arctic Monkeys
Female Artist of the Year: Neko Case
Male Artist of the Year: Sufjan Stevens
Indie Rock Album of the Year: Yo La Tengo - I Am Not Afraid of You And I Will Beat Your Ass
Metal Album of the Year: The Melvins - (A) Senile Animal
Hip Hop Album: Spank Rock - Yoyoyoyoyo
Americana Album: Band of Horses - Everything All The Time
Punk Album of the Year: CSS - Cansei De Ser Sexy
Electronica/Dance Album of the Year: Thom Yorke - The Eraser
DJ Album: Girl Talk - Night Ripper
Avant Album of the Year: Xiu Xiu - The Air Force
Artist of the Year: J Dilla
Live Act of the Year: Broken Social Scene
Song of the Year: Band of Horses - The Funeral
Record Producer of the Year: J Dilla
Music Video of the Year: Wolf Parade - I'll Believe in Anything
Album Art: Hot Chip - The Warning
Record Label of the Year: Sub Pop
Live Music Venue of the Year: Bowery Ballroom
Music Festival of the Year: South by Southwest
Music Website of the Year: Pitchfork Media
Music Blog of the Year: Brooklyn Vegan
Magazine of the Year: Paste
College/Non-Comm Radio Station of the Year: KEXP, Seattle, WA
Record Store of the Year: Amoeba Music
Best Music DVD of the Year: The Pixies - loudQUIETloud
Zine of the Year: Wax Poetics
Speciality Show of the Year: Sirius Left of Center - Blog Radio
Podcast of the Year: Lounge Acts
Internet Radio Station of the Year:
Online Radio Station of the Year: KEXP
Online Record Store of the Year: Amazon.Com

No comment on the Grammies...

Friday, February 09, 2007

Well, That's Embarrassing!

Possibly the lamest album promotion attempt of all time happened yesterday when the Scissor Sisters performed on the daytime soap opera Passions. But don't take my word for it, see it yourself!

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Peter Bjorn and John's Writer's Block due out today!

..with an additional bonus CD to punish those of you who imported it. I, unfortuneatley won't be able to get my hands on it til the weekend when i go home. I also plan on finally pickingup Fujiya and Miyagi and Of Montreal. There are so many CD's I need to get but can't! I hate money!

You can get a second opinion of the Golden Dogs/Yoko Casiono's show over at Chromewaves, but for some reason he doesn't have a New Pornographers review, which I was looking out for. I guess he wasn't man enough for the cold...

Sunday, February 04, 2007

New Pornographers @ Nathan Phillips Square

A pretty old picture but i didn't take any pictures at the show

Despite -25 degree weather (or so), the band still managed to play an incredible, electric performance and really connected with the audience. The set was on the short side, but understandably seeing as they were all freezing. A.C. Newman entertained the audience with delightful banter as the band had to retune their instruments after every song. For me, it was incredibly exciting to be seeing them as they were one of the first indie bands i started listening to it and still listen to today. They played majority of songs from Twin Cinema and a couple of Mass Romantic and Electric Version as well. Neko Case couldn't be there because she was on her solo tour but the woman who stepped in (i didn't catch her name) had a very similar voice and didn't take anything away from the performance. During the encore, the band was taking requests and I was screaming "From Blown Speakers!" at the top of my lungs. Luckily and to my delight, they played From Blown Speakers which completely made the show for me. Overall, completely don't regret freezing my digits off for that incredible performance!

- - -

Today and yesterday I've felt the most regret for choosing Ridley, because over the past 2 days not only i had tons of fun going to London parties or having fun with London people, but a) i realized how broke I am and how i wouldn't be if i was home and b) I'm missing Malajube and Apostle of Hustle when they come to London. I'm absolutley heartbroken! God if there wasn't enough regret in the past 1 1/2 terms, if i could just come home for the next semester I could see these INCREDIBLE shows and have the money to enjoy them. GOD why the year when both Apostle of Hustle AND Malajube are coming London. Why this fucking year!?

On a high note, I may be going to Bonnaroo. It's not in anyway final, but i was offered the chance so hopefully, HOPEFULLY it happens. That would make up for all the missed shows this year..

Friday, February 02, 2007

Jeff Scheven stikes again!

My man's the dapper young feller far right, with the black gloves

Have you seen/heard about the new TV On The Radio video for "Province"? Because it's all over the blogs. Well, the drummer of my favourite band, and the object of my personal crush, directed it! That's right, Jeff Scheven has been around the block directing videos, but TVOTR is big time stuff. Them blipsters are from Detroit or something, yet they found a Torontonian. You can watch the video over at Stereogum or check out Jeff's website here

Last night I went to see The Golden Dogs at Call the Office

They put on an excellent show! The first song in I could tell they write great indie pop music, and that there's no way their CD sounds as good as their live show. Buuuut I bought it anyway. Opening for them were the Yoko Casionos, who were poppy but, as Arielle and I discussed in full while waiting for the Golden Dogs to set up, very 90's teen soundtrack-y. If I were to get their CD, I probably wouldn't be able to get past that and not really enjoy the music. The crowd was very promising though, which Arielle and I couldn't help but delve into a bit. Overall a great fuckin' night! And my first show in a long while..